Congratulations! You have completed a short "practice application" to help you prepare for applying for jobs online.

When you really apply for a job online, you may need the following information. Be sure to have this information with you when you want to apply for an online job. Not all job applications ask for the same information. You can print this page to use as a checklist.

Your email address
If you do not already have an email address, it is easy to sign up for a free email account at Talk to a librarian about getting a free email account.

Your social security number

Names and dates of schools you attended

Jobs you have held previously including:

  • Addresses and phone number of the company.
  • Names of former supervisors
  • The name of the job you had at the company
  • The main responsibilities of the job

Special skills that you have that relate the job you are applying for.
For example,

  • Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel
  • can operate a cash register
  • basic carpentry
  • Fluent in English and Spanish

You may be asked some personal information as well. The employer is allowed to ask you these questions.

  • If you have been convicted of a crime
  • If you are a US citizen
  • if you have been, or are, in the military

The employer may also ask you

  • if you are male or female
  • your age
  • your race or ethnic background

You do not have to answer these questions. The employer might ask those questions because they want to keep track of whether they are getting applicants of both sexes and applicants of all races. But they cannot require you to answer those questions and they cannot use those answers in making their decision.

This "practice application" was created by Anne Killheffer, Senior Reference Librarian, of the Adult Services Dept. at the Stratford Library, 2203 Main St., Stratford, Connecticut 06615 ( For permission to use this "practice application" in an educational setting, please email the library at